About Us

Company Profile

Semisils Applied Materials Corp., Ltd (Semisils) was established in 2013, headquarter located at the Liou-Ying Technology Industrial Park in Tainan, Taiwan. It has the world’s exclusive and innovative semiconductor waste silicon slurry recycle and regeneration patented technology. Committed to the research and development of waste recycling treatment and the application of derived materials.

Semisils team actively engaged in R&D and business development by elites in the opto-electronic, chemical and electronic industries and we also cooperate with many universities to develop recycling methods and applications.

Given the high potential value of recycling semiconductor waste silicon slurry, and the world’s attention to the issures such as circular economy and renewable energy, Semisils had built a Liou-Ying treatment plant in 2018, and obtained ”Grade A Waste Disposal Permit” by EPB of Tainan City Government in 2020, and successfully separated the recycled material such as silicon dioxide, silicon carbide, sodium silicate, and green hydrogen from the waste silicon slurry produced in the semiconductor manufacturing process, and provide recycled material products to the needs of industries applications and promote all trades and professions to join the green supply chain.


Core values and vision:

Semisils team holds the core value of 「preserve the earth and sustainable development」,and take「fulfill circular economy, leave a pure land for future generation」as the development vision. Be the best practitioner for green energy innovation, under a balance between environmental protection and economy.

Philosophy 企業理念

Technical core 技術核心

Quality policy :

" With excellent quality, fulfill circular economy, apply innovation technology, to create sustainable future."

Semisils is willing to make every effort to provide high qualities and services to worldwide customers and establish a long-term reciprocal partnership with it. The essence of the quality policy is to continuously improve the quality of the company’s products and services. The company will continue to educate and publicize policies for employees, make them understand and maintain this policy, make this quality policy the highest guideline of the company's quality management system.