Our Brand

Semisils® -- Environmentally Friendly Recycled Materials

Our first brand -- Semisils ®.

The main lifeblood of Taiwan's economy is the semiconductor industry. While we focus on the development of semiconductor production value, the amount of technological waste – silicon slurry is also unimageable. In term of environment, we are the one destroying the earth and causing serious pollution. Semisils upholds the original intention to make a contribution to the earth, regardless of cost from building factory to technical research and development until the current stage of mass production, and finally achieved our first brand semisils ®.

Environment friendly material return to mother earth with recycled products, material stretched and tough, touch soft and comfortable.

Semisils branched out into all trades and professions, from Staple Merchandise, sport equipment, to industrial building material. We continue trying to use on variety of different products, continuously cooperate and develop with all trades and professions. When our partners willing to choose environment friendly materials in their products, then choose to buy by customers. Invisibly, we can also gradually return recycled products to the earth, maintain the environment.

Semisils create the endless possibilities for circular economy, widely applications at various levels.

Semisils welcome all trades and professions to develop products with us, and hope that customers will first choose brand materials to recognize semisils, do your part for the earth.

Partner of Semisils®

Building Materials

Nan Pao Resins Chemical Co., Ltd

Item : Epoxy Resin Floor Paint , Waterproofing Sealer

Jia Dah Industrial Co., Ltd

Item : Calcium Silicate Boards

CanaanLand Science Co., Ltd.

Item: Marble Floor Polishing powder

Sports Equipment

Jen Yau Enterprise Co., Ltd

Item : Yoga mat

A’Striker Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Item : All kinds of balls


CCILU International Inc.

Item : Casual Shoes

Soletec Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Item : Safety Boots


Jen Yau Enterprise Co., Ltd

Item :Interlocking Floor Mats

Sam Bo Rubber Co., Ltd

Item :Rubber Pad