Employee Benefit

Employees are the company’s greatest asset and a key factor in the company’s innovation, operation, and sustainable development. Semisils upholds this spirit, gathers employee consensus, implements occupational safety and health management, and actively establishes a good and safe workplace environment for employees. Space to learn and grow, cultivate talent development, and strive to build a high-quality enterprise that all employees are proud of.

Welfare of Employee

  • Insurance
  • Annual bonus
  • Monthly birthday party
  • Company trip
  • Staff uniform
  • On-the-job training
  • Year-end party and raffle
  • Emergency relief for employees
2021 spring party and raffle
2021 spring party and raffle
2020 Birthday Party and games
2020 Education & Training for an external Lecturer
2020 Shooting Competition
2020 Department Gatherings

Labor Policy

  • Implement and comply with various labor laws and regulations and formulate flexible management systems to meet multi-faceted talent employment.
  • Prohibition of child labor.
  • Respect human rights and implement humane treatment, and do not treat employees in inhumane ways such as corporal punishment, threats, insults, harassment, and violations.
  • Employees not be discriminated against due to their age, race, gender, marriage, disability, or illness.
  • Respect freedom of speech and be able to communicate openly with management regarding working conditions without fear of retaliation, threats or harassment.

Labor-Management Relationship and Communications

Harmonious labor-management relations and a good workplace environment are the only ways for a company to promote labor-management relationships and move towards sustainable development. Therefore, in addition to the above methods, Semisils also implements the implementation of labor-management meetings and strengthens labor-management issues through this platform Discussions, organizational operational goals, vision, and cultural development and consensus cohesion, etc. Colleagues can also use this platform to respond or provide suggestions to create a good labor-management workplace environment.

Occupational Safety and Health Management

Implement safety and health education and training every year to ensure that all employees can perform safe operations in safe behavior and a safe environment. Formulate safety and health inspection operations, and take practical actions to inspect and inspect various operations at any time to prevent and prevent disasters. Establish a series of disaster emergency response procedures to protect the life safety of employees and manufacturers, as well as the property interests of the company's investment personnel, and to avoid or reduce the impact on the family, society or the environment when an accident or disaster occurs.

Fire training and fire drills

First Aid Training Courses