About Us



  • Invest in the development and application of nano smart fibers.
  • Established the R&D department of nano ceramic powder application technology.
  • Focus on metal silicon slurry cleaning technology and silicon powder application technology.
  • Focus on the development of anode materials for li-ion batteries.
  • Purity of silicon powder reach 99.9%.
  • The grain size of silicon powder reaches 1um and 200um.
  • Successful developed a silicon-based anode material with a capacitance of 450mah/g by Nano Transfer Technology (NTT) and modified silica powder.
  • Cooperate with industry-academia: Feng Chia University, Department of materials.


  • Participated in the 2014 Taiwan International Photovoltaic Exhibition.
  • Participated in the 11th China International Battery Fair (CIBF) in Shenzhen.
  • Participated in Battery Japan 2014 - 5th International Rechargeable Battery Expo.
  • Cooperation signing with industry-academia: National University of Tainan lithium battery center.


  • Participated in the “Central Taiwan Green Energy Environmental Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Forum” as the only corporate representative.
  • Obtained the 14th Ministry of Economic Affairs Gold Award for SME New Ventures in 2015.
  • Completed 99.99% purity hydrogen recovery trial production verification.
  • Completed the trial production verification of silicon dioxide industrial specifications.
  • Participated in Battery Japan 2015 - 6th International Rechargeable Battery Expo.
  • Industry-academic cooperation with: Department of chemical engineering of NTHU, Department of material science and engineering of NCKU, Department of chemical engineering of CYCU.


  • Participated in 2016 Taiwan Invention and Technology Exhibition.
  • Establish Semisils Taichung administration headquarter.
  • The company passed SGS ISO 9001:2015 international quality management system certification on May 25, 2016.
  • Obtained a patent for Electrode materials of lithium batteries, their manufacturing methods, and electrodes suitable for lithium batteries (R.O.C Patent No. : I539649)
  • Obtained a patent for aObtained a patent for Li-ion battery anode material composition (R.O.C Patent No.:I549339)
  • Obtained a patent for the method of preparing negative electrode material composition of Li-ion battery (R.O.C Patent No.:I549337)
  • Obtained a patent for sObtained a patent for stress buffer silicon-containing composite particles of Li-ion battery negative electrode and preparation method thereof (R.O.C Patent No.:I550942)


  • Obtained the 71th golden merchant award and outstanding businesspeople awards by the general chamber of commerce of the R.O.C.
  • Obtained the 18th golden peak award of top ten outstanding enterprise and commodities of the year by the outstanding enterprise manager association.
  • Obtained the 14th golden root award by the Taiwan industrial technology association.
  • Signed MOU on solar panel recycling technology with Japanese solar panel manufacturing equipment manufacturer NPC Incorporated.


  • Groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of circular economy standard demonstration plant in LiuYing Science and Technology Industrial Park and Environmental Protection Park, Tainan.
  • Obtained the 15th National Brand Yushan Award “Outstanding Enterprise” and “Outstanding leader” .
  • Obtained patent for silicon particle polymer covalent bonding compound and its anode electrode material (R.O.C Patent No.: I620713).
  • Obtained TTQS Assessment Bronze Certificate.
  • Obtained SRS corporate Social Responsibility Certification
  • Obtained product carbon footprint certification.


  • Semisils circular economy standard demonstration plant finished.


  • Obtained the "Grade A Waste Disposal Permit“ license.
  • Obtained the 2020 Taiwan Circular Economy Award “Outstanding Innovative and Technology Award”.
  • Shortlisted for the 2020 Taiwan Circular Economy Award “Crossover Award”.
  • Obtained a patent for solar panel recycling equipment and solar panel recycling method (R.O.C Patent No.:I716285).
  • Build Up Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Equipment.


  • Obtained the patent for pre-cutting device of solar panel recycling equipment (R.O.C Patent No.:M595572).
  • Obtained the patent for Solar panel mobile heating device (R.O.C Patent No.:M597538).
  • Obtained Flexible heating scraper module (R.O.C Patent No.:M597539).
  • Awarded certification of ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems.