Environmental Sustainability

Environmental commitment

As the leader of the circular economy, Semisils promises to continuously monitor and reduce carbon emissions, wastewater, and waste, is committed to environmental protection, abides by government environmental regulations, and also tracks the development and response of various countries to this issue, and has been saving energy and reducing carbon for a long time. Continue to work hard and actively take environmentally friendly actions.

In the continuous pursuit of maintaining the balance between the ecological environment and sustainable development, Semisils strives to develop energy-saving products through technological innovation, and enhance product competitiveness by improving quality, reducing manufacturing costs, and shortening production lines to strengthen the response to climate change. Ability and expanding the influence of Semisils. In turn, it will lead suppliers to jointly establish a green supply chain and reduce the climate risks and impacts of corporate operations.

In 2018, built up 308KW solar PV power generation
In 2021, built up 153KW solar PV power generation