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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Generation Technology

Hydrogen fuel cells have the advantages of zero carbon emissions by using hydrogen as a fuel, and have short start-up time, low operating temperature and noise, and high efficiency. Compared with traditional fossil fuel power generation, they have many advantages. With the maturity of technology, under the vigorous promotion of the governments and private sectors in Europe, the United States, and Japan, hydrogen fuel cell technology has begun to be used in transportation and power generation, thereby further promoting the replacement of fossil fuels with clean energy.

In the process of processing waste slurry from semiconductors and solar energy, semisils will produce 99.9% pure hydrogen. After the purity of the hydrogen is increased to 99.999% through the purification system, hydrogen can be used for industrial purposes or power generation. The green hydrogen produced is used in the hydrogen fuel cell power generation system and applied for the registration of renewable energy power generation equipment and the green power certificate. By then, semisils will become the first company in the world turn semiconductors and solar waste slurry into renewable energy applications.