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Semisils Semisils® X Forcetech Group = Eco-Fashion of Recycled Materials

Our partner Forcetech Group made a video to explain the production process of Semisils’s environmentally friendly material Semisils® and how to add the silicon dioxide recycled from waste slurry to the outsole of the shoe. We work together to turn rubbish into gold and do our best for environmental protection.

Semisils’s recycled silicon dioxide Semisils ® is a brand born under the concept of the circular economy. Semisils ® represents the silicon dioxide (Silica) made from waste slurry recovered by semiconductor and then made through Semisils’s exclusive processing technology.

Business Weekly Issue 1709 also pointed out that ESG evaluation is the first criterion for attracting investors and whether it can receive orders from major international clients, and the E stands for the environment. It can be seen that the use of recycled materials is not only a rise in environmental protection awareness but also whether the future enterprise can An important indicator of sustainable operation.

Semisils promotes the use of recycled materials Semisils by existing industry partners that add silicon dioxide, which can not only increase the percentage of product recycled materials but also Increasing the order performance of major international clients will allow the world to see Taiwan’s contribution and achievements to the semiconductor circular economy because of the support and cooperation of the entire industry chain.

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