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Mr. Arthur Ho, the Chairman of Semisils, was invited to give a speech at the “Go Green With Blue: a gift for future” Forum who talked about urban mining and net-zero carbon emissions.

At the invitation of the TCE100 Forum(Taiwan Circular Economy 100), Mr. Arthur Ho, the Chairman of Semisils, shared the company’s green hydrogen production technology from semiconductor waste slurry and hydrogen fuel cell power generation technology and Communicated with relevant domestic industry experts and scholars

The Semisils adheres to the concept of “Caring for the Earth and Sustainable Development”, and is committed to the development of waste-to-hydrogen and hydrogen power generation and related application technology research and development. At present, the world’s first waste-to-green hydrogen power generation has lasted 1,651 hours, and the green power certificate of Taiwan is expected to be issued in 2022 and the application was completed in the first quarter of this year. In the future, it will expand the scale of hydrogen production, and strive to practice the circular economy continuously. It is hoped that it can help the semiconductor industry and Taiwan society achieve the goal of sustainable development of a net-zero emission and low-carbon future.