Waste Disposal Service

Type of Waste Treatment

Semisils is a Grade A waste recycling & disposal factory in Taiwan, dedicated to waste/scrap recycling and regeneration, specializing in the recycling of Silicon Slurry produced by wafer grinding and cutting in the semiconductor industry, and waste acid produced in the semiconductor process, and it has professionals and The equipment and processing procedures are in compliance with environmental protection laws and regulations, in order to contribute to the environment of Taiwan and whole of the world.

The following are the industrial waste code number approved by the Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for recycling by Semisils.

General industrial waste

Hazardous industrial waste

Recycling Flow

The customer must provide the following information to us.

1. TCLP Test report of industrial waste
2. The industrial waste code and disposal methods
3. Production, collecting method, clear frequency
4. Whether other substances are mixed in the process